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Virginia State Police Admits to Enforcing Federal Gun Control, Worries About Losing Funding for Helping Feds

New documents show that Virginia police are not only admitting to regularly helping the feds enforce federal gun control measures, they’re also worried about losing the funding that comes with it.

House Bill 83, filed in the Virginia state House, would prohibit state agencies and officers from enforcing new federal gun control laws. The bill has been referred to the Appropriations Committee over financial concerns.

According state documents, although the bill is not expected to have a “direct fiscal” impact on the Department of State Police, the department is claiming that there is a “potential of reduction or elimination of federal grants that they currently have related the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).”

Among those federal grants are for mental health Web service between the state Supreme Court and the police department.

“The first thing that comes to mind is that Virginia state police is outright admitting to being actively involved in helping the feds enforce federal gun measures,” said Michael Boldin of the Tenth Amendment Center. “There’s nothing in the constitution that requires Virginia to help the feds violate your rights – and this needs to stop.”

Several important issues are at stake here. One, as we’ve long stated here, the feds cannot enforce their laws by themselves. They require the states to help them. The statement by the Virginia Department of State Police confirms this.

But why are state agencies enforcing federal laws in the first place?

Their job is to enforce valid state laws.

We don’t expect FBI agents to write traffic tickets or pull people over for expired license tags, or any other state law or regulation. Why should state and local police do so for federal laws – laws they aren’t even required to uphold? Are there no more victim-based crimes being committed in the state?

If enforcing unconstitutional federal gun control laws is a requirement to receive federal grant money for unrelated matters, how is this any different from a bribe? They are accepting money on condition that they help the feds violate the Constitution in ways they cannot do on their own. How is this considered to be a legitimate qualm against anti-commandeering?

The state police should stick to enforcing laws they’re supposed to uphold and tell the feds to pound sand if they don’t like it. No federal grant is worth the price paid in the loss of liberty.

This demonstrates one of the many obstacles in our efforts to protect the right to keep and bear arms. Many local and state law enforcement agencies have been co-opted by the feds and are not willing to give up the money or toys or other benefits from aiding them as they violate the Second Amendment.

These agencies need to be held accountable by the citizens in their jurisdictions when they come out in opposition to bills intended to protect their gun rights.


Virginia residents should contact all the members of the House appropriations committee, urging them to pass HB83 out of committee. (contact info here)