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UN Arms Treaty: Another Reason to Take Action in the States

Anti-commandeering legislation may be regarded as a means of fighting unconstitutional federal laws, but it’s provisions affect more than just the feds. It also prevents foreign entities from attempting to violate our rights, as well.

One example is a U.N. Arms Treaty, set to take effect on Christmas Eve. Though the treaty has not been ratified or approved by the Senate as required by the Constitution, it is freaking out gun rights groups like the NRA, who are afraid that Obama may circumvent Congress through executive orders or other unconstitutional actions.

According to the Washington Times:

Under the terms of the treaty, participating nations are required to set up export and import controls for combat vehicles , aircraft and small arms. The text of the treaty also requires that participating member states “establish and maintain a national control system, including a national control list, in order to implement the provisions.

The NRA is right to assume the worst about a president who violates the Constitution with zeal. Though the proposed Kyoto Treaty went down in flames in the Senate, Obama has attempted to enforce its provisions through the EPA. One could easily see him or his successor in 2016 enforcing the arms treaty through regulations under the ATF.

Those placing their hopes in the D.C. swampland might have reason to fret. But this only goes to show, again, why anti-commandeering is an effective solution. The feds can’t enforce their own gun laws now without the assistance of the states. There is no way they could possibly create a “national control list” on their own while at the same time give it teeth if the states sit on their hands.

The key is to get such anti-commandeering legislation passed now, not when we actually need it. One does not build a shed to house their tools only after the rain has come. Likewise, we should not delay any longer a vital law guaranteed to stymie whatever treaty the U.N. may try to shove down the throats of free men.

The time to act is now.

Take action today.