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The Remedy to the Latest Gun Control Hysteria from DC

As expected, the recent tragedy in Oregon has prompted more hysteria from gun grabbers including Hillary Clinton and President Obama. Their answer to gun violence – as usual – stricter gun “laws.” The response to their efforts, however, is more resistance to such plans on a state and local level.

Obama says we need to be more like Great Britain and Australia. One can only assume that he’s implying that we need to prohibit civilians from owning semi-automatic rifles and handguns. Hillary Clinton seems to agree with the President, but says “we” need to “do more” including expanding firearms registration, banning private firearms sales and expanding the definition of those who are prohibited from owning firearms.

As the establishment ramps up its rhetoric, it’s only a matter of time before they try to push these plans through. That’s why it’s so important for states to take action now – not after it gets worse. The 2nd Amendment Preservation Act – already passed in Idaho – bans a state and all its subdivisions from using any resources to help enforce any new federal gun control programs, whether they come from Congress or an executive order.

This is a powerful first step against gun control – and sets the stage for bringing down all such programs, from 1934 forward.

Will your state legislature HELP the feds implement and enforce new federal gun “laws”? Or will they say NO! to more constitutional violations?

Don’t wait for more gun control to get shoved down our throats. Contact your state Representative and Senator today and encourage them to introduce this important bill designed to protect & preserve the 2nd Amendment. Get the model legislation here.