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Status Report: States Taking Action to Block New Federal Gun Control Proposals

With news that the ATF is going to unilaterally expand federal gun control in the near future, states are already drawing a line in the sand and pushing back.

Today in Arizona – a bill that would effectively block any new federal gun control passed in a Senate committee by a 5-1 vote.  REPORT HERE:

Also, similar bills have recently been introduced in Tennessee and Pennsylvania – and another bill in New Hampshire is up for a hearing on Thur, 02-19.

These bills – and in other states – NEED YOUR HELP.  Here’s how:

1.  Follow the links below and take action for your own state.
2.  Chip in as much as you can to help us ramp things up even further – to protect the 2nd against all enemies.


All states not listed below – click here

Thank you for standing with us!