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South Carolina 2nd Amendment Preservation Act Update. Hearing/Vote on 04-19

Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee did not get to H.4071 – 2nd Amendment Preservation Act – before their weekly hearing adjourned. The committee clerk tells us that the bill will be rescheduled for next week’s meeting. That’s 04-19 at 3pm Eastern.

Make sure to call all the members of the committee and urge a YES vote on H.4701.

The bill already passed the state House (click here to learn more) and needs to pass the judiciary committee before the full Senate can consider it.

1. Call the Senate Judiciary Committee Chair, Larry Martin. THANK HIM for scheduling the bill for a hearing in his committee. Ask him to vote YES on H4701.
Sen. Martin: (803) 212-6610

2. Call the rest of the committee members. Be firm, but professional. Urge each of them to take action to move the bill forward and vote YES on H4701.

Brad Hutto (D) (803) 212-6140 (Thank him for moving the bill in subcommittee, even though he opposed it)
Chip Campsen (R) (803) 212-6340
Lee Bright (R) (803) 212-6008 (Thank him for helping pass the bill out of subcommittee)
Chauncey Gregory (R) (803) 212-6024
Sean Bennett (R) (803) 212-6116
Greg Hembree (R) (803) 212-6016
Thomas McElveen (D) (803) 212-6132
Paul Thurmond (R) (803) 212-6172
Tom Young (R) (803) 212-6000
Ronnie Sabb (D) (803) 212-6032
Luke Rankin (R) (803) 212-6410
Gerald Malloy (D) (803) 212-6172
Shane Massey (R) (803) 212-6148
Creighton Coleman (D) (803) 212-6132
Karl Allen (D) (803) 212-6040
Tom Corbin (R) (803) 212-6100
Kevin Johnson (D) (803) 212-6048
Katrina Frye Shealy (R) (803) 212-6108
Ross Turner (R) (803) 212-6148
Marlon Kimpson (D) (803) 212-6124
Margie Matthews (D) (803) 212-6056