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New Texas Governor Had Hand in Crafting Texas Firearms Protection Act

While we’re not ones to put our hopes in the outcome of political elections, Texans who cherish their right to keep and bear arms without infringement by the feds have a reason to be optimistic as to the outcome of the state gubernatorial election.

This week, Texan voters elected Attorney General Greg Abbott as governor, a man who has been personally involved in anti-commandeering efforts in the state.

In 2013, HB 1076 was introduced by Rep. Toth Steve which bears many similarities to the first part of our Second Amendment Protection Act. If passed, the bill would have denied any state assistance to the feds when attempting to enforce federal gun control laws passed after January 1, 2013.  

Although Steve was the primary author of the bill, he received assistance in crafting the text in the bill from Abbott.  Our inside sources tell us this assistance was “significant.”

The bill is a slightly modified version of our own 2nd Amendment Preservation Act, a powerful first step towards fully rejecting federal gun control measures within the state.

Unfortunately, the previous Texas leadership did not consider the bill a priority and it failed to pass.  But, since Abbott was personally involved in its drafting, Texans will have a governor not only friendly to our objectives, but one who has participated in it himself.

The opportunity should not be wasted. Texans who want to keep the feds off their guns should take advantage of the political situation and call on their local representative to reintroduce the legislation for 2015, then encourage Abbott to stand with them by signing it.

Take action today.