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New “Assault Weapon” Ban Introduced in Congress, States Should Act to Block it in Advance

A new assault weapons ban has been introduced in Congress, representing yet another federal attempt to restrict our right to keep and bear arms. States can, and should, block such proposals before they ever get off the ground.

Introduced in December, HR 4269 seeks “to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited” despite the clear and plain and unambiguous meaning of the Second Amendment. The legislation would make it “unlawful for a person to import, sell, manufacture, transfer, or possess, in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, a semiautomatic assault weapon.” The bill has been referred to the Committee of the Judiciary.

The bill’s language provides a very specific and convoluted definition of what constitutes as a “semiautomatic assault weapon.” The legislation specifically mentions the AK-47 and its variants, as well as the AR-15, along with a long list of other rifles and pistols. It would not apply retroactively and specifically excludes rifles that are manually operated by bolt, pump, lever, or slide action.

Unsurprisingly, the law does not apply to law enforcement agencies, as the point of gun control is to disarm the populace, not state agents (even after they retire).

Even if this bill never passes Congress – and the odds are not in its favor at the moment – the threat to our gun rights is still real. Here we see the intent of gun control advocates. If Congress fails them, they will use any means necessary, including bureaucratic regulations and unconstitutional executive orders, to get their way. And if they were to get such a ban passed, by hook or by crook, it wouldn’t end there. Gun grabbers won’t be satisfied until the American civilian population is thoroughly disarmed. They are not interested in the Second Amendment, nor our unalienable rights.

We need to preemptively block these efforts at the state level through passage of Second Amendment Preservation Acts (SAPA). This legislation strips the feds of the resources and personnel they need to enforce these federal gun control laws.

Take action now. Contact your local legislator about introducing their own version of SAPA, and spread the word!