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Gun Safety is a Code Phrase for Gun Control

A common phrase you’re likely to hear during a debate over the right to keep and bear arms is “gun safety.” Groups like Blomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety love to use this phrase, and it’s no wonder.

It is a good example of an effective, and deceptive, marketing technique. The impression, naturally, is that they favor safety when it comes to firearms, and who is against that? 

Yet, a few basic observations and questions show that it is nothing more than a repackaging of old gun control ideas, which they know is not a popular concept right now. Thus, gun safety has entered the Orwellian vernacular, as it infers more pleasant, friendly motives. 

That they are political organizations purporting to support gun safety is the first telltale sign of trouble. They have no interest whatsoever in educating gun owners and prospective buyers on how to safely transport, store, handle, discharge, clean, and maintain their weapons. Nor do they contain educational information on what a gun owner should tell their children in order to prevent tragic accidents. 

No, gun safety groups want to make sure gun owners can’t defend themselves at grocery stores when they’re not too busy producing PSAs that have kids stealing their parents’ firearms and bringing them to their teacher at school. 

What their actions convey is an overall attitude of irrational hostility towards private gun owners, who in their minds must be heavily controlled, monitored, regulated, and treated with suspicion.

Such people would love to see a society in which only the state owns the guns, as this would make it much easier to propose, pass, and enforce unconstitutional laws. Ultimately, this is what they desire. Because it is not only extremely politically unpopular but would most certainly galvanize and unite gun owners towards open revolt, their ultimate objective is shrouded behind political rhetoric in order to placate gun owners eager to appear “civil.”

This is why you will never hear them discuss the use of “assault weapons” by law enforcement agencies, who are not unknown to use them inappropriately. They are silent when it comes to the militarization of federal agencies in which the Department of Agriculture and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and many others now have their own SWAT Teams.

They say nothing about having officers carry guns at school – which are supposed to be gun free zones. When police kill people without just cause, we don’t hear about how guns were responsible for the violence, merely racism. Only when the “gun violence” is perpetrated by citizens are guns responsible. We hear them cheer when laws are passed limiting “high capacity” magazines, only to watch them alter those laws when they forget to include an exemption for police

It’s time to pull the fleece off people’s eyes. Gun safety is about nothing except gun control. And gun control is only about controlling people.

We at are working hard towards real gun safety- getting anti-commandeering legislation passed in the states so that no matter what gun control law is passed in D.C., the right to keep and bear arms will be kept safe, not just for those who own them now, but future generations of gun owners as well.

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