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Gun Rights Are Not Just for Republicans

A common political stereotype in this country is that gun rights is a cause championed by the Republican Party and for whatever reason gun control is strictly confined to the Left.

Recently Karl Rove, former senior adviser and deputy chief of staff under President George W. Bush, shattered this paradigm of thinking when he came up with the “stellar” idea of ending violence in America by repealing the Second Amendment.

Lest anyone think we’re misquoting him, here is the statement within the context of a discussion on the Charleston church shooting (bold emphasis added).

We saw an act of evil. Racist, bigoted evil, and to me the amazing thing is that it was met with grief and love. Think about how far we’ve come since 1963. The whole weight of the government throughout the South was to impede finding and holding and bringing to justice the men who perpetrated the [Birmingham] bombing.

And here, we saw an entire state, an entire community, an entire nation come together, grieving as one and united in the belief that this was an evil act, so we’ve come a long way.

Now maybe there’s some magic law that will keep us from having more of these. I mean basically the only way to guarantee that we will dramatically reduce acts of violence involving guns is to basically remove guns from society, and until somebody gets enough “oomph” to repeal the Second Amendment, that’s not going to happen.

Sure thing, Karl. Word on the street is that they tried the same thing with alcohol back in the early 1900s called “Prohibition”; only difference is they passed a constitutional amendment instead of repealing one. Maybe I need to dust off my history books, but I believe they later repealed that amendment because it didn’t really work the way they intended for it to.

Pretty sure they’ve tried to get drugs out of society for a couple of decades, too, and that’s been a total failure as well, but hey, just like General Buck Turgidson, we wouldn’t want to make a judgment like that until all the facts are in…I mean we wouldn’t want to condemn an entire federal program because of a few slip-ups.

Remember, this was Karl Rove, that neocon Republican under the “cowboy” ‘Dubba Bush.

Let that sink in, all you on the Left, you liberals and progressives and Democrats who support gun control. Think very hard about what you’re doing when you call for legislation infringing on the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

Imagine if someone like Karl Rove was in charge. Imagine if another neocon took control of the White House and decided to go full-out fascist. Imagine your worst nightmare of a Republican managed to win the presidential election and abused his powers beyond anything you thought possible, blatantly violating your civil liberties.

If that happened, would you really want their ilk to be the only ones with the guns?

Much of the irony lost on gun control advocates is that organizations like ours aren’t just protecting the rights of Republicans or conservatives or right-wingers or Tea Partiers. We’re protecting the rights of any and all Americans to keep and bear arms, whether they choose to exercise those rights now, in the future, or at all. The further irony is that by trying to disarm the American public they are creating a situation in which their own people are just as much at risk of tyranny at the hands of “Big Government” from the Right as anyone else.

Those on the Left should have as much of a reason to preserve our right to keep and bear arms as those on the Right. Those who leave it up to the federal government to protect their rights better get used to disappointment, because that is exactly what will happen time and time again.

Gun control is a staple among totalitarian states. It is not a Right or Left issue, but one of freedom versus tyranny, and those who choose tyranny do so not realizing that one day it may be they, and not their political opponents, who will be oppressed because they lack the means of defending their liberties. It is foolish to push for gun control under the presumption that one’s own political ideology will reign in D.C. Political moods are as capricious as the weather; what the public demands one day can change the next.

Americans who believe in freedom for themselves and others should support our efforts to preserve these rights. The face of tyranny is not always the same, and though a rose is a rose by any other name, threats to liberty come in many forms. All people should be able to defend their natural rights from oppression, irrespective of how it comes. They should not seek to disarm themselves and others in the blind faith that a government thousands of miles away will always share their values, their beliefs, and support their way of life.

The defense of the Second Amendment and the rights articulated therein should not be reserved just to Republicans, but anyone who wishes to defend the last resort of free men.

Consider this your invitation.

Please take action today.

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