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City Councilmember in Washington State Proposes 2nd Amendment Protection Resolution

A Washington city councilmember has proposed a Second Amendment Proclamation in response to calls for bans on semi-automatic rifles. Although it concerns a state proposal and would have no legal teeth, the proclamation encapsulates the spirit of anti-commandeering that citizens can use to fight attempts to restrict their right to keep and bear arms from unconstitutional federal gun control laws.

“The heart of the proposal is to protect the Constitutional rights of the citizens of Spokane Valley,” City Councilmember Caleb Collier wrote in an email after suggesting the resolution at a recent city council meeting.

Collier’s idea is in response to Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s proposal for a state ban on semi-automatic rifles such as AR-15s and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. The proclamation would declare Spokane Valley a “Second Amendment Sanctuary City.”

Other jurisdictions across the country have already taken action. Voters in Coos County, Ore. approved a Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance last year by 60 percent. The county ordinance declares any law that violates the Second Amendment to be null and void. It also prohibits using county personnel and resources to enforce these laws.

Although the proposed Spokane Valley resolution would not stop city officials from enforcing state gun laws, such measures are excellent ways to generate conversation and inspire further action. If other localities join Spokane Valley, it could put enough pressure on state legislators to derail the plan.

These steps demonstrate how gun rights activists can take action in their own communities. They do not need to go to D.C. and lobby. They do not even have to visit their state capitol and plead with state legislators. They need only convince their local lawmakers to act – and it is at the most smallest levels of representation where citizens’ voices matter most.

A city or county councilmember is more likely to listen than a U.S. senator who enjoys a 90 percent reelection rate.

It is at the local level where laws made at both state capitols and in D.C. are enforced, and if the local law enforcement agencies do not cooperate then those laws get neglected.

We tend to think of this fight as one enormous battle when in reality it is fought in small skirmishes. The war against gun control must be waged in every state, in every county, and in every city. The resources that fuel federal gun control must be denied.

Get this model ordinance (right-click to download and save PDF file) to your city town council, or your county commission today.