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Brady Campaign Calls for Oregon Sheriff’s Removal for Supporting Anti-Commandeering

At the heart of our work at is the concept of anti-commandeering or noncompliance; that the states should refuse to enforce federal gun control laws in violation of the Second Amendment.

This includes local law enforcement agencies, such as police departments and sheriff offices. Without their support, the federal laws are not enforceable, and thus de facto nullified in practice.

In Douglas County, Ore., where a recent shooting took place at a community college, Sheriff John Hanlin has drawn the ire of gun grabbers after it was discovered that during the height of anti-gun hysteria in 2013, he sent Vice President Joe Biden a letter threatening to not enforce federal gun control laws.

“Gun control is NOT the answer to preventing heinous crimes like school shootings,” Hanlin wrote in the letter.

The response from gun grabbers tells you everything you need to know. Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, has called for Hamlin to be removed as sheriff.

“As sheriff, he has shown he has no qualms about putting his ideology over his responsibility to protect his citizens,” Gross stated.

Hanlin’s responsibility is to protect the rights of his citizens, and he is doing this far better than the gun control proponents calling for his political head for daring to adhere to the Constitution. He is also proving that noncompliance is an incredibly effective way of dismantling federal gun control laws. The Brady Campaign knows as well as anyone else that if Hanlin is unwilling to use his department to enforce unconstitutional federal gun laws in his jurisdiction, then those laws are worth less than the paper they’re written on in Douglas County.

Fortunately, the voters of Douglas County, not meddlers thousands of miles away, get to decide whether Hanlin should keep his job. Anyone in that county who cherishes their right to keep and bear arms should send Hanlin their thanks and encourage him to keep fighting, for his is doing on his own accord and initiative what many other local law enforcement agencies and even governors refuse to do and in fact oppose. And as much as we applaud Hanlin’s dedication to the rule of law, it’s entirely possible he could be replaced by another sheriff more willing to play the quisling for the feds.

It is because of this that we must push for the passage of Second Amendment Protection Acts (SAPA) in the states, in order to prevent any state resources from being used to carry out the illegal whims of the feds.

Sheriffs like Hanlin are willing to follow the Constitution on their own, but we cannot rest our hopes in current elected officials. We must secure for ourselves guarantees that our states will not aid the feds in violating liberties won at so precious a cost.

Hanlin is absolutely correct. Gun control does not stop mass shootings. Nor is it intended to do so. It’s meant to disarm law-abiding Americans and deprive them of their rights, using repulsive crimes as excuses. By refusing to play along, Hanlin and others like him pose a threat to the gun grabbing agenda.

Oregonians need to give Hanlin the backing of state law by joining other states that have already passed their own version of SAPA.

Contact your local legislator and tell them to introduce it today, then spread the word!